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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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[ technical difficulties ] >> he went right in the wheelchair afterwards, started talking to the kids outside, in very good spirits. >> okay. can't wait to hear more at 6:00. thank you very much. look around your neighborhood now. the foreclosure crisis is not a secret. in most bay area neighborhoods, you can find at least one home reclaimed by the bank. >> today some people took part in a unique protest to force those banks to maintain those property and not let them fall into disrepair. nbc pbay area's kris sanchez reports. >> reporter: this is the same group that organizes those foreclosure tours to get people inside neighborhoods to see the true impact of the foreclosure crisis. now this time they targeted the lunchtime hour, gathering trash and dumping it in the lobby of a bank, demanding it take responsibility. >> everybody, walk right in. >> reporter: a small but vocal protest as members of a.c.e.,
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the alliance of community empowerment, stormed the wells fargo branch in san jose to dump three bags of trash they say they collected from one of the bank's foreclosed properties. that home is in this woman's neighborhood. >> we have enough already. banks need to start cleaning those empty properties -- their properties that belong to them. >> reporter: this home on sincebad avenue is in question. according to san jose's code enforcement, the city did issue a $1,000 citation for blight just friday. however, the citation was issued to bank of america. still, the a.c.e. organizers say their goal is to hold all banks responsible for the properties they own, and that is the law in the city of san jose. in 2009, the city adopted a zero tolerance policy for blight. since then the city has issued nearly 300 citations to banks alone adding up to nearly $400,000 in fines. >> a vacant property is an attractive nuisance. i'm concerned that if a vacant property is not investigated right away, you know, we could
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have the homeless, we could have gang, we could have other parties breaking into the property. so we investigate these complaints within 24 hours. >> reporter: we did contact wells fargo. it said that it is only the trustee and not responsible for maintaining that property. bank of america is, in fact, the property or rather the bank in charge of maintaining the property. it says that it will remedy the situation within 48 hours and will stay on top of the maintenance at that property and its other bank-owned properties around san jose. within 48 hours, we'll look for ourselves. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. new at 5:00, we're learning more about the teenage suspects charged with burning down a south bay school last summer. in court documents unsealed today, both cleteford wang and lazarus tavaius confessed to starting the fire at merit trace school in san jose. the fire caused more than $6.5 million in damages.
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each 16-year-old faces a count of aggravated arson as an adult. one of the suspects will undergo a second psychological evaluation at the request of the public defender's office. the results of the evaluation will be released august 24. an oakland man dedicated to helping the less fortunate is fighting for his life after someone opened fire on his family as they fed the homeless. >> this is a story getting national attention, not just here in the bay area. police say the 29-year-old man along with his wife and two children were delivering meals to the homeless last night when someone in a van pulled up beside them and started shooting. the father was critically wounded. his wife and 3-year-old daughter were also shot but are expected to survive. tonight, the people he helped are simply stunned. they say the shooting makes absolutely no sense. >> stop in the middle of nowhere and give you some food, you know. it's -- help you out, ask you what you need. this shouldn't have happened to him. >> tonight at 6:00 on our 6:00
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newscast, we'll hear from the man who had just received a hot meal from the family when the gunfire erupted. we now know the cause of the massive fire at a plastic plant. today firefighters said workers at the plant in fairfield accidently started yesterday's fire. the fire burned for hours at macroplastics near travis air force base. workers were using some sort of blowtorch when the fire started. thick, black smoke spewed from the factory and over neighborhoods. air quality experts and environmentalists are in the area to determine if the air is toxic because of the burning plastic. total damage is still being tallied. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. there's a new wrinkle in the battle on capitol hill. not only has the debt ceiling vote been put off until tomorrow, but republicans are feeling the pressure from the leader of their own party. speaker of the house john boehner held a closed door meeting with republican lawmakers calling them out essentially, urging them to get this deal done. boehner also scrambled to redo his own plan. initially he said his plan
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slashed $1.2 trillion from the budget, but it was actually $850 billion. the nonpartisan congressional budget office also found shortcomings in the democrats' plan, and then there's this -- outside of the capitol, the tea party clamored that the gop veer away from the middle of the road. >> and these republicans need to hold the line. >> stay firm, stay tough. >> the boehner proposal will add $7 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. that is unacceptable and unsustainable. >> with the deadline six days away, a senior republican staffer was found urging the plan be defeated. at stake, if a deal cannot be reached by august 2, higher interest, mortgage rates, and shaky financial market for american. when you get a headache, your world stops or at least slows down. now you can turn to experts in your own back yard for help. tomorrow stanford hospital and
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clinics will open a new headache clinic. first of its kind on the west coast. nbc bay area's marianne favro with more on the clinic. >> reporter: hi. well, the stanford headache clinic officially opens tomorrow. but already dozens of patients have signed up for appointment hos hoping for relief. cheryl randolph just can't kick her constant headaches. >> it just throbs all through here. you see kind of sparkly -- you feel bad all over. and you just -- you just want them to go away. i've had them for a lot of years. >> reporter: now she can turn to stanford's new headache clinic for relief. dr. rob cowen is the director. >> it's a complete program. it has nutritional counseling and biofeedback training and physical therapy and psychological counseling, in addition to detox for patients who are overusing medications. >> reporter: an estimated 60
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million americans suffer from chronic headaches, a condition that costs the u.s. $30 billion annually in lost productivity. dr. cowen says the new cherie bank will primarily focus on those who suffer migraines. >> patients who have already been to, you know, three or four, seven doctors, and have tried a lot of different approaches and have not had good results. those are the patients we specialize in. >> reporter: the key is the collaboration between neurologists, pain management specialists, and alternative medicine. >> pretty much anything that can have some benefit for headache patients we have the resources to provide so that's huge. >> reporter: the clinic will also focus on headache prevention. dr. cowen shared a tip -- when you're sitting at your computer, sets your timer to go off every hour. when it goes off, get up and walk around. he says that can go a long way toward preventing headaches. to find out more about the
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headache clinic or make an appointment, go to, and click on "headache." marianne favro, nbc bay area news. some muni buses in san francisco might soon look odd in order to bring in some more money for the cash-strapped city. the new look will be in effect in about a month. the windows of about 15 muni buses will be wrapped in ads. perhaps you've seen this with other cities in the bay area. san francisco supervisors narrowly approved the plan yesterday. it's expected to bring the agency as much as $500,000. supporters say it's a way to avoid further cuts to muni, but some riders say it just doesn't look good, and they would feel even more like sardines when riding the buses. the proposal will will go into effect on september 1. how far would you go for your pet? coming up, why one bay area pet owner is facing serious charges after defending his dog. and you've seen them on the menu. those calorie counts. they might actually help you watch your waistline. we'll explain next.
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also ahead, why a lesbian couple is ready for a fight over a visit to an amusement park. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine today. temperatures heating up even though we have the fog here offshore of san francisco. and throughout tonhtso we go see cooling temperatures to the south bay. still talking possible thunderstorms. >> reporter: giants fans, you wanted some offense in the lineup, here you go. the giants about to score an all-star player, carlos beltran of the mets has reportedly been traded to the giants. the deal could be confirmed as early as tomorrow. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions!
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[ screams ] some terrifying scenes. some santa cruz county residents were trapped by this tree which came crashing down back in march. these scenes of extreme weather, some of which were shot by us here at nbc bay area, are now part of a nine-minute documentary about the state's worst storm season in 20 years. in total the storms caused $50 million in damage in more than a dozen counties. fema denied the governor's disaster declaration. the state appealing that decision and using this documentary to help in its case. fema has 30 days to respond. it looks like getting a job in california isn't getting any easier for some. the long-term jobless rate is edging up in the golden state. in fact, it's the fastest growing segment among california's more than two million people who are out of work. more than 700,000 people haven't
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worked for over a year now. most have run out of benefits or will very soon. california employment leaders say they've seen firsthand how frustrating it is for people who want to work but haven't been able to find a job in a long time. >> first of all we try to make sure that they're well aware of the social services available within their own communities. but we encourage them as well to come into centers like this one where we can kind of assess their skills and maybe gets a sense for if -- get a sense for if they might need to shift gears, transfer skills to something similar where there is maybe more growth potential. >> california did get some good news last week on the job front. the state added nearly 29,000 jobs, the best one-month gain since february. anything to defend his dog. police say a pet owner was arrested sunday after attacking a man who ran over his dog. police say eduardo ruiz was walking his puget sound on south mayfair avenue near skyline boulevard around 2:00 in the afternoon. a man driving an oldsmobile ran
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over the dog, killing it. according to police, ruiz ran after the vehicle, smashed the driver's side window with his fist, and dragged the driver on to the street where he began punching him. ruiz was booked in the san mateo jail on suspicion of assault but has since been released. topping our healthwatch, in january all restaurant in california were required to post calorie counts on their menu and tableside menus. an effort to fight obesity. nutritionist say it's working. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen with the story. >> reporter: a study by new york city health officials found requiring restaurant and fast food chains to list calories on their menus is working to encourage healthier choices. it showed 15% of customers used the calorie information and ordered items with an average of 100 fewer calories. not huge gain, but nutritionist say it's a start to shaving off the pounds. >> it doesn't surprise me at all that people are actually looking at calorie labeling as a wake-up
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call. they're seeing how many calories are in typical foods that they would typically order. >> reporter: new york city was the first in the country to require calorie labelling in 2008. other states and cities including california have followed. next year a federal law will require restaurant chains with 20 locations or more to list calories on the menu. 1/3 of americans are considered obese. pressure from consumer groups and parents has also changed the way fast food companies do business. many have revamped menus to offer lower calorie and healthier choices. this week, mcdonald's announced it would change its happy meals by cutting the french fry portion in half and including apples on the menu. nutritionists say those options along with counting calories are just a few ways to give kids and adults tools to make better choices. >> it's not just about calories, it's about the total nutritional package of the food that you're choosing. >> reporter: that includes the amount of fat and sodium in foods, possible new labels that could show up on a menu near
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you. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> if you're wondering how accurate the calorie counts are, you can look for vicky nguyen's in-depth report. she checked at foods at six different bay area restaurants. the results on line at, search "calorie. ". chief meteorologist jeff raniery. dwr yesterday at the berkeley kite festival. today boring in the studio. >> come on -- i'm a ten no matter where i'm at. just like janelle's top there. that yellow so vibrant and bright. >> yes, thank you. >> yes. reminiscent of what's coming up in the seven-day forecast. raj, you're killing me. 70 in downtown. we have the fog building up, but still kind of mild here throughout parts of the coastline and also the peninsula with warming air moving in. similar spots, 93 in pleasanton. morgan hill with 91. definitely getting in on heat. and that's where we find some of the warmest conditions in the
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east bay. and still, kind of mild to warm from the peninsula down into san jose with 81 in. 86 in sunnyvale, 73 in san mateo. not so bad in the north bay, 80 in santa rose aand 82 in novato. as we continue throughout tonight, patchy fog mainly for the coastline. for tomorrow, it's going to stay hot mainly for the east bay locations with a lot of 90s coming our way. we are looking still at the chance here of possible thunderstorms in our seven-day forecast. right now, it is all about the fog, we're tracking it right offshore. we're going to see that here across the coastline tonight. we're not expecting too much of this to move inland. those of you in the east and south bay, looks like yield have more of a clear start. however, high pressure is going to be moving in the next couple of days, keeping it hot. maybe more humid here as we head into the upcoming weekend. and we'll look for some of the hottest weather in the east bay. throughout friday, warm to hot right here from the coastline into the south bay. let's look at the fog here as we head throughout tomorrow. we'll see this continuing to build up at the coastline.
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but by 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, there's not going to be too much for the east and south bay. just mainly for the coastal areas. and then by 1:00 and 2:00 tomorrow, we're looking at a sunny day here just like we had today for the entire bay area. if you like what we had today, we're going to crank up the heat a little bit more. well, i think you'll love it. 92 in morgan hill. 92 in santa teresa. 73 in santa cruz. 89 in san jose. 88 in palo alto. and 69 in pacifica. and right up into san francisco, and over toward berkeley, we have that berkeley kite festival happening this saturday and sunday. it's absolutely free. we were out there yesterday previewing that event, and it's going to be spectacular this weekend. you can always go to i've posted a link. you can search for the word "berkeley" to find a clip i've posted. morningtime on the weather channel on cable, and you can see it stays hot inland the next four to five days. at the coastline we're warming up to some low and mid 70s. pretty good beach weather coming our way. i definitely approve of your top
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-- >> outfit. i know. sunny skies outside -- >> vibrant -- >> sunny inside. co-workers to the rescue. next, how these people stopped a bike thief in san francisco. we're back in a moment. the event captivates the whole world. london marks a major anniversary in its preparations for the olympics. how some of the most famous landmarks will be transformed. say good-bye to another boring weekend. find nearby getaways that are worth the drive. a daily blog highlighting great places to go. it's worth the drive
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i just got chills. >> the nbc promos -- serious. the countdown has officially begun. one year from today, the 2012 summer olympics in london will begin here on nbc bay area. >> dozens of local athletes will be heading to tloinz compete. some of us will also be there. olympic great carl lewis helping unveil the countdown clock at the united nations center in new york. that was this afternoon. but the real action is overseas. n london. the host city, they couldn't be more excited. british prime minister david cameron says everything is on budget and on schedule. that includes the aquatic center, costs more than $440 million to build, a little more than 200,000 pounds i believe. the soccer stadium, wembley stadium.
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and where are they going to play tennis? take a guess -- wimbledon, of course. >> according to tradition, i invite the athletes of the world to participate in the games of the 30th olympiad in london one year from today. good luck, london. [ cheers ] >> we are excited. especially us here at nbc. the royal horse guards parade, the place where the world watched william and kate ride home on their big wedding day, will host beach volleyball. a lesbian couple filed a complaint with telly parton's dollywood theme park after one of the women was asked by an employee to turn her t-shirt inside out. the t-shirt read, "moirj is so gay." the woman did what shea said to avoid a confrontation but said she felt offended. the employee said it is a family park and its policy is to ask patrons with clothing or tattoos that could be offensive to change clothes or cover up. there is no word from dolly parton, who has publicly supported gay marriage. this one's uniquely bay
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area. bike thefts don't normally end this way, but the thief reernscoing his actions after this. this robbery very different and caught on tape.
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a would-be bike thief caught on camera. check out the surveillance video from san francisco. you see that man on the right side? he comes up, sniffs off -- snips off the lock off the bicycle and tries to ride off. he didn't know he was being watched by all the employees in the building. as the thief tried to get away, the people bolted from the building and stopped him. the thief did get away, but without the bike. good news there. a little karma -- his own bike, which he rode in on, was taken apparently because he dropped his bike keys for the bike lock in that scuffle. a security guard found his bike nearby and confiscated it.
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he's bikeless. >> a big mess. >> yes. he should learn not to do those things. thanks for joining us. brian williams is next from capitol hill. >> and at 6:00, we have a shark encounter. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.


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